Branding & Social Media Marketing

Athlena Wellness

We helped Athlena Wellness realise the vision for their brand by creating a bespoke logo and brand identity. Following the initial branding project, we further assisted Athlena Wellness set up their social media accounts and market their brand.


Athlena Wellness

Date Commenced

Oct, 2019


 The Challenge

Challenge & Solution

The owners of Athlena Wellness founded their company from a need to find alternative health and wellness solutions to help a loved one and so their brand is something that is really personal and important to them.

They had a really great vision for what they wanted their brand to be but didn’t really know how to execute it and had tried different iterations before approaching us to bring their vision to life.

Athlena Product Mockup
Athlena Wellness Branding

In working closely with our client, we were able to pinpoint the exact elements they wanted to include in their logo and bring it to life.

For them, Athlena Wellness is all about harnessing the power of upliftment. Through their innovation, products, pricing, customer care, and entrepreneurship opportunities, they endeavour to continuously uplift the communities they work and play in.

Our concept to bring this to life in a logo was to utilise a nurturing hand uplifting the ‘A’ of Athlena, speaking to their drive to uplift those around them. The use of colours speak to the reliance on nature in all they do.

Social Media

Athlena also required some assistance with their social media marketing and we helped with setting up their Facebook and Instagram accounts and are in the process of developing a bespoke social media strategy to take their brand to the next level.